What is Lomilomi Massage?

At Na Alii we believe that while on Maui you should experience true Aloha, and Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage is one manifestation of Aloha. Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that connects the heart, mind, body and soul. This sacred healing art, passed down from generation to generation, utilizes rhythmic strokes integrating the use of the forearms and elbows for a profoundly therapeutic experience.  All of our treatments are based in Hawaiian Lomilomi.

“It is almost impossible to understand Hawaiian Lomilomi without first understanding a little bit about Hawaii. What is it that fills your being when you experience a tropical sunset, taste a juicy mango, smell a sweet plumeria, or feel the ocean spray on your face? You can feel the rains coming before they arrive, and when they come they are usually warm and gentle, embraced by the earth. Hawaii offers the sensual delights of any tropical paradise and then adds a quality of rejuvenation.


Now, imagine this essence infusing every cell in your body, down to your bones. The islands’ healing energies can be felt by any sensitive soul, simply by smelling the air or touching the sand. In Hawaii we call it mana – the power and vitality permeating these islands. Hawaii is rich in it and so is Lomilomi massage.”


– Excerpted with permission from “Hawaiian Lomilomi – Big Island Massage” by Nancy S. Kahalewai

Lomilomi is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body, flush your system and bring all energy into perfect alignment.